The Canadian federal government recently announced the extension of the openwork visa program for all individuals eligible for permanent residence as provided in the Spouse and Common-Law Partner Act.

The previous program, which was scheduled to end on 21 December 2017, was postponed to 31 January 2019. Holding a work permit allows spouses and common-law partners who are subject to immigration laws to apply for short-term work visas.

Through the application, Canadian immigrants waiting for their immigration details to be processed can carry on with their work.

While an eligible candidate waits for their fully sponsored permanent residence, they must be in the country legally under the Spouse and Common Law Partner Class. Additionally, s/ he must hold valid documents detailing that their stay in the country is temporary either as a visitor, student, or employee. Besides, they must be sharing the same residential address with their financiers.

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Source: ASK Migration

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