Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in 2018 saw an active era of the immigrant influx of 106,000 permanent residents. The number was extremely high compared to Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan together. Unfortunately, the number is expected not to decline as experienced early in the year 2019.

Letting in legal immigrants has been linked with diverse benefits not limited to cultural and economic diversity. Those are the benefits that GTA is expected to reap compared to its neighboring province with the low immigrant influx. However, there is a need to encourage immigrants to settle in other provinces and explore life differently.

Surprisingly, GTA is encouraging close to 80% of immigrants despite having about 45% of the total population. 80% immigrant attraction rate is huge, thus, other provinces are left to scramble with 20% immigrant proportion. That is critical since Canada’s aging population and low birth rates are distributed relatively equal across its provinces. This can be detrimental to the development of other provinces socially, economically, and financially.

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Source: ASK Migration

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