Migrating to Australia is a dream realized by thousands from across the world. And for good reason: the rich culture, the laidback lifestyle, its low population density, and all the beautiful beaches and other world-famous natural attractions—the list goes on.

The coronavirus crisis has slammed the breaks on Australia’s immigration program for now, sure. Since March, the country has gone from welcoming over half a million new residents a year to practically zero. The borders are shut. Aussies themselves are even banned from leaving the country without an exceptional reason.

But there is light on the southern horizon. Australia has been one the most successful countries in the world at suppressing the Covid-19 pandemic – there were only 104 deaths by the end of June 2020. Local lockdown measures are rapidly easing and the economy is slowly coming back to life.

Migrating to Australia will be on again soon, in earnest

It is expected that by mid-2020, the economy – and crucially, international travel – will be back in full swing. And so will the Lucky Country’s hunger for migrants as it rebuilds, post-pandemic.

It can take over six months to apply for a visa to live and work in Australia. So despite the present border closures, you may want to start your research and planning now. And given the state so many other countries around the world will likely still find themselves in, demand for migrating to Australia is likely to be extremely high when the country does reopen.


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