With the new migration program year starting from 1 July 2020, the Federal Government was due to release 189, 190, and 491 visa quotas for the 2020-21 year. However, the Department of Home Affairs has not given the state governments their new GSM quotas for the new migration year. This means that the GSM program will not open from 1 July 2020 as planned.

State and Territories cannot open their program until the Federal Government issues invitations. We have no indication of when this will be. Allocations may be issued as late as October 2020, when the Federal Government will set its budget.

This is going to be a massive disappointment for the many thousands for potential applicants who have made preparations for a skilled visa application.

In addition, any changes to the occupation list are unconfirmed.

It could be some time before the GSM program is open again.

Further information has become available from various states that their GSM programs will not be opening until further notice. There is no clarity as to when the Federal Government will allocate the nomination quotas to the state governments.

It is a regrettable situation that there is a lack of transparency in the current GSM system, with no official round results published for the 189 invitations since April 2020.  In April where there were only 50 subclass 189 invitations as compared to 1750 invitations in March 2020.

Our sources include information provided in a Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) online briefing for RMA and Immigration Lawyer members. In addition, there are also communications from State Authorities in relation to not having the nomination ceiling for 2021.



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