The Hungarian government on Monday evening (8 June) published the details of a nationwide survey seeking citizens’ views on COVID-19 economic measures, the EU recovery plan, immigration, and Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros.

The 9th national survey since the nationalist Fidesz party came to power in 2010 will ask Hungarians if they agree with a series of government actions including national manufacturing of personal protective equipment, coronavirus-related restrictive measures, and moves mandating financial contribution from banks and multinational companies for economic recovery.

Civil society watchdogs have previously expressed concern regarding amendments proposed in the draft bill on transitional rules following the end of the state of emergency. They warn it will create the “younger brother” of the special legal order allowing the government to restrict fundamental rights, such as freedom of movement or the right of assembly. Those can be adopted by decree for a duration which is practically indefinite.

The law will be put to a vote in parliament, where Fidesz holds a supermajority, later this month.


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