The UK’s latest immigration system guidelines were published on Monday, July 13, and are set to change the country’s existing points-based immigration system starting in the new year.

Under the new system, foreign nationals applying to work in the UK will have to meet a number of criteria.

Individuals will be assessed based on their specific skills, qualifications, salaries, or professions, and visas will only be issued to those who have obtained the 70 points required to apply for a visa.

The first 50 points are awarded for a candidate’s English skills, and for receiving a job offer in their field of training from an approved sponsor.

To get the remaining required points, other criteria will have to be met, such as a minimum wage threshold, a job in an occupation where there is a labour shortage, or a PhD in a field relevant to their work.

Here is the UK’s new points-based immigration system breakdown (70 points needed):

  • Job offer *required (20 points);
  • Job has a relevant skill level *required (20 points);
  • English language knowledge * required (10 points);
  • Job has a salary of £23, 040- £25, 599  (10 points);
  • Job has a salary of over £25, 600 (20 points);
  • Job on shortage occupation list (20 points)
  • An applicant with a Ph.D. (10 points); and
  • An applicant with a Ph.D. in science, technology, math and engineering (20 points).

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