Canada is establishing an immigration task force in support of Lebanon.

Canada’s Minister of Immigration and the Minister of Foreign Affairs issued a statement indicating that the task force will assist those affected by last week’s tragic events in Beirut. The purpose of the task force is to “support the delivery of consular services, and to ensure that questions related to immigration can be quickly addressed,” they said in the statement.

Special immigration measures for Lebanese individuals

The Canadian government commits to allowing Lebanese citizens who are temporarily in Canada to extend their stay if they are unable to return home because of the explosion.

In addition, Lebanese citizens who are in Canada temporarily, and Canadians and permanent residents who are in Lebanon and who need to return home will be exempt from fees related to the renewal of their status documents.

Canadians and permanent residents in Lebanon have the right to return to Canada, provided that coronavirus public health measures are followed. Immediate family members of foreign nationals who are related to Canadian citizens and permanent residents are also exempt.

The exemption is subject to possession of a valid temporary resident visa, a mandatory two-week quarantine, and a minimum 15-day visitor stay in Canada. International students coming from Lebanon may also travel to Canada if they have a valid study permit issued before March 18, 2020.


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