Filipinos that currently qualify to enter Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, can now submit their applications at the VFS Global visa application centres located in Cebu, Philippines.

The reopening of these centres has been abounded by the VFS Global itself, which is an outsourcing and technology services company that serves governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, and to which these European countries have outsourced visa operations in the Philippines.

Our Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark visa customers in Cebu, Philippines, can visit our Centre from September 3, 2020, to submit their applications, through appointments only,” VFS Global said in a post on Facebook.

The reopening of the Norwegian visa centre in Cebu has also been confirmed in a separate notice published by the VFS Global website for Norway, which explains that the centre will resume accepting applications on September 3.

The Centre will only be open from Thursday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. Please note that customers must have an appointment to visit the Visa Application Centre,” the notice reads, advising visa applicants to respect physical distancing rules.

It also notes that all those coming to the centre will undergo temperature checks or be required to wear facemasks, subject to local authority guidelines.

The VFS Global website for Denmark has also confirmed the reopening, noting that the VFS Denmark in Manila has already resumed accepting applications, whereas the one in Cebu will reopen on September 3.

All costumers must have an appointment to visit the Visa Application Centre, which will only be open from Thursday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and comply with the physical distancing rules and other restrictions.

The notice explains that only applications for essential travel to Denmark will be considered, while applications for ordinary tourist visits, family visits and business travel will be turned down

Worthy purposes include travellers who are either parents or primary caretakers (e.g. foster parents) of minors residing in Denmark, visits to critically ill family members, persons who are in the process of medical treatment in Denmark, persons who are attending a funeral in Denmark, and persons who will be part of a court case in Denmark,” the notice highlights, noting that all applications will be submitted to the Danish Immigration Service for consideration

Swedish Visa Application Centre in Cebu will also reopen on September 3 and will be open every Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

All applicants are obliged to wear facemasks when visiting the centre, while those with symptoms of the flu will be rejected entry.

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