Everyday choices of middle managers are crucial in helping immigrant professionals reach their full potential, according to a new report.

Middle managers, those who are above front-line managers and below the executive suite, have the most influence on immigrant integration in the workplace. This is according to a new report published by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.

The report is titled Make or Break: How middle managers and executives can build immigrant-inclusive teams. This original research is largely based on interviews with diversity and inclusion leaders and middle managers who were largely immigrants themselves.

These managers play a huge role in making the hired immigrant feel that they are part of the team, providing them the feedback they need to grow in the post and progress within the company.

Immigrants are undoubtedly a huge asset to Canada’s growing economy and will be influential in the country’s post-pandemic economic recovery. Throughout the pandemic, immigrants have shown that their contribution is invaluable, particularly those working on the front-line.

Canada, however, still needs to find new ways to maximize the potential of newcomer talent. It is one thing to come to Canada and find employment. That alone does not guarantee an immigrant’s success. Immigrants come to Canada from all over the world with different workplace cultures, and they must feel welcomed in the workplace. They must have a chance, like anyone else, to grow in their careers.

It is through the support of key executives that middle managers are able to properly incorporate immigrant inclusion into the company culture.

There may be some mentality shifts required for Canadian employers to really benefit from newcomer talent. For example, dismantling the perception that immigrants first need to gain “Canadian experience” to get a deserving job.

News Source: CIC NEWS

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